Full Solar Air Conditioner

Free Cool Solar Air Conditioner 100% depending on Sunshine

Free Cool Solar AC develops thermal solar air-conditioning technology and systems that do not use electricity to run a conventional compressor, and do not use Freon. Utilizing parabolic trough solar technology Free Cool Solar AC provides heating and cooling for homes and businesses. We also offer systems that connect to PV solar power.

Free Cool Solar AC helps people cool down without damaging the environment and with significant cost savings over conventional air conditioning technology.

The Solar Solution

As technology progresses, solar solutions for businesses and homes will become more accessible and more affordable. In fact, an air conditioning unit powered completely by solar energy is eco-friendly and cost effective.

There are other methods of utilizing solar energy to power an air conditioning system, but none are as effective as our parabolic trough technology.

The Product - Solar AC

Free Cool Solar AC units can be installed prior to building completion or they can replace your current air conditioning system. Certified air conditioning professionals must install your system to ensure you get the most of your solar powered AC.

This solar unit uses only solar power (48v DC) and i designed to be used off-grid. These units can provide air conditioning in the desert, island, mountaintop or any location where normal power is unavailable and where generators or solar panels would be considered. We recommending Multitasking Electronics Solar panels and controllers can be use.

Free Cool Model: FC DC S356 GW , FC DC S357 GW , FC DC S358 GW, FC DC S359 GW.

Off Grid Mode

* 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving

* 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power required.

* Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation, over 8 hours’ back up time.

* DC inverter permanent magnet compressors

* DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors

* Lowest energy consumption, lowest noise level

* Lowest energy loss, SEER>19

* R134a CFC free refrigerant, Eco-friendly

* Short investment recovery period (1-3 years)

Solar-mains power hybrid mode optional. When the energy in batteries is not enough to drive solar air conditioner (voltage < 45V), you can use a power adapter to drive solar air conditioner. The power adapter can transfer 220V/110V AC power to 48V DC for solar air conditioner using. Under hybrid mode, you can run 24Hr. per day without too much investment in solar panels and batteries. In addition, you can use the power adapter as a batteries charger.